Boarding Policies & Procedures

  1. Reservations for new clients must be made be made 4 days in advance. Enrollment forms need to be submitted in before reservations can be made. Shot records must be faxed to us from your vet before drop off.
  2. There are no drop off or pick ups on Wednesdays
  3. We provide everything your dog needs to be comfortable and have fun. If you feel you would like to bring your dogs own bed, please be sure that their name is clearly marked on them. If you bring toys, Please do not bring toys as we can not guarantee they will be return
  4. No training or prong collars or harnesses allowed
  5. All dogs are required to have a nylon collar with a name tags on it. No training or prong collars are allowed.
  6. All dogs must be checked in and out of kennel office. Dogs that are staying in the house will be checked in at office and brought up to the house by us.
  7. We must have current shot records provided by your vet.
  8. Rates are structured like “people hotel rates” You pay for the day your dog comes in; regardless of the time your dog arrives. Your last day is free as long as you pick up your dog in our morning hours. Dogs picked up in our evening hours will be charged a full day.

At this time we only accept checks or cash for payments. No credit or debt cards.