Who Can Play

P1010284Age: All dogs must be 5 months of age or older.

Sex: All dogs 7 months or older must be spayed or neutered.

Vaccinations: All dogs must have current vaccinations on file with Critter Sitters. We require Rabies (3 year) Dhpp (1or 3 year, per your vets recommendation) Bordetella “aka” Kennel cough (6 months or 1 year, per your vets recommendation) Lepto (per your vets recommendation).

Health: All dogs must be healthy, with no communicable illness. If you know that your dog is contagious, please do not bring him/her to daycare. We want to keep the pack as healthy as possible and your help as a responsible dog owner is greatly appreciated.

Behavior: All dogs at Doggy Come Play must be dog and people friendly.