Daycare Policies and Procedures

P1040863All dogs must enter and leave daycare on leash

This is safely issue for all concerned. Be sure your dog comes in and leaves with leash on. This not only keeps your dog safe, but is also in accordance with Burlington leash laws.
Please do not leave your dog unattended in office.
We try to have someone in the office at all times to greet you and your dog, but if no one is there, please wait until someone comes to assist you.

Daycare pre paid packages
We will try our best to let you know when your package is about to run out, but if your package does runs out, we require that you buy another package the next time your dog comes back, or you will be charged at a daily rate.

New Clients
Prior to your dog’s first visit, you need to complete and submit the owner contract and dog information paper work along with current shot records. Paper work can be  picked up at the daycare.

First visit
We require that on your dog’s first visit to daycare that you make a reservation, we also ask that your dog arrives early (before 8:00 am). First day of daycare is a trial day. Dogs that show signs of aggressive behavior or other traits that could put the other dogs or staff at risk will not be admitted. If this happens we will call you and you can either come pick up your dog or we can keep him/her in the office of one of our staff.

Late fees
Because we value our employees time, if they need to wait for you, if you are late, you will be charged $ 5.00 for every five minutes.